Awarded a Peggy Ramsay Foundation Grant, 2010

Nominated for Most Promising New Playwright at the Offwestend.com Theatre Awards, 2012


Below are some of his productions:




“Sebastian Rex’s stylised and darkly comical worlds can, at first glance, seem simplistic. He presents an array of deliberately flat, archetypal characters that speak largely in clichés. Interaction is driven by the characters’ narcissistic goals, which they strive to achieve by trampling over or ignoring others. When they build relationships, it is purely to fulfil their own basic wants or to bring to life their personal worldview. In this way Rex keeps the audience on their toes. His writing manages to be both exciting and irritating, getting under the skin and forcing us to confront his themes head on. he raises many questions but never provides answers, deliberately laying down a challenge to all who encounter his work.”


Gilat Vet, Artistic Advisor to Acting Like Mad, from the Forward to “The TragiComedy of Mac-Beth” published by PlayDead Press







Breakfasts tells the story of two men named Arden, who share the same headspace; When one goes to sleep, the other wakes up and so on. The story follows both men over the course of 13 days, from when they start having these strange dreams to the moment following a tragic event when they have to decide which one of them is real. This book is written inside the head of one man who lives two subsequent existences. There is no universal narrative voice providing a logical backdrop, but instead, two entirely subjective accounts of seemingly impossible realities, told in a relentless quasi stream-of-consciousness fashion.


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Self-made Lady Peg has decided to ensure her immortality by creating a competition, where amazing things are done in her name. The winner will be the person that is judged by her to have done the most fabulous thing and will be given a prize unique to them. She invites a motley crew of her acquaintances to compete. Each competitor takes on a different method to win as the narration fluctuates between that of an all-knowing storyteller, who himself is battling his own competitiveness and each of the five flawed characters, who take turns describing their individual days, in their own unique way of story-telling.


The novel is a farcically alternative illustration of the consequences of competing and deals with themes of ruthless ambition, conflicting realities, imagination, ambiguity, insanity, immortality, creation, greed, normality, the problems with idealised romance and most importantly, the virtue (or lack thereof) of competition.


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BEADIE - a 60 minute TV drama

A nightmarish, modern gothic and disturbing investigation of familial relationships.

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TOY BOY - a 60 minute TV drama

A stylized piece of writing that is a sharp comment on the problem of identity in today’s modern, singleton society.

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SNOBS - a 30 minute 6-episode sitcom

A ‘real-time’ one location satirical sitcom situated in the living room of the house of an everyday working-class British family

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BEADIE - a 60 minutes radio drama

A nightmarish, modern gothic and disturbing investigation of familial relationships.

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SPARE - a 60 minutes radio drama

An absurd black comedy about abuse for radio

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THE BITCH - a 10 minute play for teenagers

Written with and for the Company Three (formerly Islingtion Community Theatre)

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PRESCRIPTION - A SOLO – A short play

An interdisciplinary Collaborative Project

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IPT - a short poem

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ALIAN 1 - a short poem

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