New Diorama Theatre \ National Tour, 2012-2013



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Nominated for Best Choreographer, OffWestEnd.Com Theatre Awards (Offies) 2012


"The physical work is superb, from Evans’ impersonations of animals to the balletic sex scene

between the Lover and the Oppressor"

What’s On Stage


70 minutes – 2M,1F,1M/F



If morality is defined by the powerful, what happens to the ordinary man?

The Woyzeck only wants to live his life and support his lover and child. But society has other plans for him, pushing him to the point of madness.





THE WOYZECK - Ed Evans (NDT) \ Samuel Griffiths (Tour)

THE LOVER - Elisa King (NDT) \ Stacey Norris (Tour)

THE OPPRESSOR - Jamie Laird (NDT) \ Ed Sheridan (Tour)

THE DRUNK - Sarah Hall (NDT) \ Ryan Wichert (Tour)



Creative Team


Translation\Adaptation - Sebastian Rex

Director\Choreographer - Sebastian Rex

Designer - Anna Soboleva

Costume Design - Yaroslava Sydorenko

Original Music - James E. Anderson

Lighting Design - Matthew Breslin (NDT) \ Nic Farman (tour)

Stage Manager - (NDT) Ina Berggren

Producer - Niamh de Valera (NDT) \ Venetia Twigg (Tour)

Produced by - Acting Like Mad and Theatrical Niche

Photography - Richard Davenport (NDT) \ Tina Engström

Photography for flyer - Zach Ahern