National Tour, 2013



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"Mac-Beth is another perceptive and stimulating work from Rex.

And your enjoyment will only increase if you're a fan of the Bard.”

Views From The Gods


75 minutes – 1M,1F, 3M/F



In a small room, Mac and Beth sit. They type. Words. They long to find more meaning in their lives, looking to emulate their Supervisor, the Man Behind the Door. Into their world come Ste, Whit and Che; three childish creatures who prophesied that the couple will become great - if they are willing to kill for it. And so begins a journey into their worst nightmares.


Based on Shakespeare’s great tragedy, this sparse re-imagining is told with only five characters and set in the minds of a frustrated, sleep-deprived pair.





MAC - Rhys Lawton

BETH - Avita Jay

STE - Niall Ray

WHIT - Stacey Norris

CHE - Clare Harlow



Creative Team


Writer/Director - Sebastian Rex

Co-director - Alice Knapton

Designer - Anna Soboleva

Composer - James E. Anderson

Lighting Designer - Nic Farman

Casting - Rhona Foulis

Producer/Tour Manager - Venetia Twigg

Produced by - Acting Like Mad and Theatrical Niche

Photography - Tina Engström / Nic Farman