Sebastian Rex Dance Group

The Divine Comedy

“(The choreographer’s) ambitious interpretation of Dante’s journey

through Heaven and Hell, strongly performed by the seven-strong company,

was a highly promising debut work that took drama, comedy and the descent

into madness in its capable stride. (The choreographer’s) highly theatrical,

musical style, cherrypicks from a selection box of influences…”

Keith Watson (The Place)


“The work was at its most watchable when it hit notes of high surrealism such as in the

Heavenly scenes of The Divine Comedy. The dance vocabulary broke down into some freer feeling,

and the performers appeared to be genuinely enjoying the mad frolics”

Alice Mackenzie (Extra! Extra!)



A 30 minute piece for seven dancers depicting a man’s absurd journey through the afterlife.

Portrayed through contemporary and ballet movement vocabulary this is a wacky, weird and wonderful world set to music by Mark Mothersburgh, Danny Elfman, Nino Rota and Saint Saens amongst others.

The Robin Howard Theatre, The Place/Derby Dance Centre, 2003-04




Netta Barnea

Dylan Crossman

Kim Alexandra

Live Rosenvige

Janine Streuli

Elena Tsina

Phil Winterhalder



Costume Design - Tom Wennerstrand

Make Up - Marja Holm


Image by Tom Wennerstrand