Sebastian Rex Dance Group




“A testament to Rex’s highly unusual choreography is my inability to describe it, but he draws on movements as varied as the animalistic, to the balletic, through to the robotic, all of which were performed flawlessly and appeared utterly captivating.”

Running in Heels



Sebastian Rex Dance Group was formed In 2003 and performed several pieces in and around London.

SRDG was also part of several projects including Arts In Clubs – which performed short pieces of contemporary dance in nightclubs.


In 2007, Sebastian Rex worked in Korea and Berlin, creating new works for the company.

Their last few productions have been performed at the Blue Elephant Theatre in London.

The company aims at creating narrative-based worlds and every piece is a direct reflection of the music that scores it. We tell a story rather than show it. The language that is created for each piece is symbolic and the ideas are told by the overall effect. We believe that discomfort on stage makes for more entertaining viewing and heightens performance levels, so where usually somatic-based work puts the dancer and his individuality in the centre, we try to find a middle ground between having docile bodies and letting the dancers’ personalities come out. Perfection must always be aimed for but never achieved.