Anne Frank Zentrum Berlin, 2008



“The dancers leap and kick, and place their hands on each other’s bodies,

building to a climactic abandon at the end of the piece”

Alice MacKenzie (Extra! Extra!)



In special places people come together.

These people celebrate themselves, the others and the world.

In a flood of physicality and emotions they bring from themselves, and take from the others.

A passion is built by the group and climaxes to worlds that only they can imagine.

Polyamour Me portrays coming together in all its might and builds up to a cathartic state, giving the spectator a voyeuristic chance to satisfy its curiosity and engage its willingness to try.





Maya Dalinsky

Kristina Lungard

Nelly Nolda

Zohar Ren Karni

Uri Turkenitch

Miriam Welk



Creative Team


Choreographer - Sebastian Rex