The Robin Howard Theatre, The Place, 2005



“(The choreographer) sets out a clear sequence, each duo highlighted in turn and

 then backed up by the group… (The choreographer) is unusually attentive to composition

and responsive to his varied musical choices…”

Sanjoy Roy (The Place)



Can you have a loving relationship without touch? Just Don’t is unique in its approach to dance. An ensemble of 8 performers fly on stage without ever touching each other, in order to present the underexplored notion of love without physical contact.

The piece explores the lack of touch in various scenarios and for different reasons.

From scenes dealing with concepts such as a-sexuality to religion, Just Don’t offers us a glimpse into a world that exists without touch.





Netta Barnea

Emma-Rachel Blackman

Valentina Cannabona

Jenevieve Chang

Dylan Crossman

Laura Glaser

Live Rosenvige

Janine Streuli

Kristian Trisgaard



Creative Team


Choreographer - Sebastian Rex

Costume Design - Evdokia Verepoulou

Make Up - Marja Holm

Produced by - Sebastian Rex Dance Group

Photography - Tina Engström