(dedicated to the memory of a great humanity)

Blue Elephant Theatre, 2009


“Rex’s courageous choreography shuns symmetry for truth.

Instead of striving to impress with technique and tableau, Rex’s group exposes the brutal truth of living.

They give us bodies that are often hunched over, bent into shapes that are wrenching or repressed, not beautiful in the classic

sense. In doing so, they achieve a sort of truth in storytelling and give the moments of real beauty more weight.”

Chad Armistead (Extra! Extra!)



God Cried Woof examines our disillusion with things we’ve loved, wanted, believe in and hoped for:

the sobering up from our values and faiths.

This is a new and daring piece presenting the audience with a nihilistic world of disenchantment.

This piece is inspired by and set to Beethoven’s 3rd Symphony in its entirety.





Lisa Bender

Holly Blakey

Kate Chisholm

Aimee Craft

Lisette Foster

Christopher Hall

Sarah Luscombe

Talia Ould

Naomi Reynolds

Rebecca Sewell



Creative Team


Choreographer - Sebastian Rex

Designer - Helena O’Nions

Costume Constructors - Rosalind Bolton & Rebecca Prince

Assistant Choreographer - Lisette Foster

Stage Manager - Niamh de Valera

Graphic Designer - Will Beeston

Produced by - Sebastian Rex Dance Group

Photography - Tina Engström