Sebastian Rex

"A writer with a distinct and intriguing vision"

Jeremy Kingston of The Times

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Fulfil Me Fully, Phil

'pretentious' or 'visionary'?

Fulfil Me Fully, Phil has really split the critics - so where do you think it falls?


Nominated for two Offies’ Awards for Best Costume Designer (Faye Bradley) and for

Most Promising New Playwright


The Public Reviews felt very differently saying that "the script felt poor" and that it

was "pretentious rhetoric". One Stop Arts said the play was "not very good"


The Stage seemed to agree saying that "his rhetoric never gains traction and it’s impossible to connect with any of these beings


However, Jeremy Kingston from The Times disagreed saying "This new play by Sebastian Rex, showing his imagination is as keenly inventive as ever…Top-quality performances, admirably staged, fascinating.'

and Views From The Gods seemed to agree saying "The term "visionary director" gets bandied about far too often… Sebastian Rex's clarity of production and flair for distinct visuals has truly earned him that title."

They also said the language was "witty" whilst Spoonfed said that it was "repulsive"


One Stop Arts said it was "sluggish"  whilst Everything Theatre said it was "entertaining"

All and all, it really is up to you to come and make your own mind up.

In conclusion View From The Gods said "Fulfil Me Fully, Phil, is probably not for everyone. Appearing straightforward, Rex succeeds in making the play thought-provoking but in that respect, it might be too avant-garde for your typical London theatregoer. But with Rex's eye for the theatrical, an assured cast and plenty of character, it's really worth a try.


but you're not a typical London theatregoer, are you?!




Suffering a minor existential crisis, Phil creates man. From that moment on, Phil hasn’t got a moment’s peace. Husband wants a wife, Wife wants a baby, Captain wants to kill, Chairman wants money, Doctor wants to cure, Whores have a penchant for caviar and Russian men, Fatso wants to eat and Sister Father to worship; Mankind’s exhaustive demands are pretty hard to meet.

As creations turn against creator, the play enters a new realm where fulfilment, purpose and satisfaction are fully tested - with alarming results.

Witty, surreal and eerily relevant, ‘Fulfil Me Fully, Phil’ inverts the wants and needs of our very make-up, be it religion, reproduction, or excellent cake.

The Space, 2012




FATSO - Matt Lord


BAKER - Kate Sandison

FIRST WHORE - Julie Ross


HUSBAND - Steve Jesson


CAPTAIN KYIL - Josh Grocott

SISTER FATHER - Clare Harlow

THE SUICIDER - Milo Burridge

WIFE - Julia Stone

PHIL - Rhys Lawton


Creative Team


Writer/Director - Sebastian Rex

Assistant Director - Saskia Marland

Set Designer - Anna Soboleva

Costume Designer - Faye Bradley

Composer - Noam Galperin

Lighting Designer - Nic Farman

Creative Producer - Mari Rettedal-Westlake