"For months I had not known what to do with my play, but through a fun and inspiring session led by Sebastian, elements I want to work on have clearly revealed to me. I had one session so far, but I wish to take more; knowing that I can ask Sebastian’s assistance makes me feel supported and motivated in my creative journey."

Natsu Hirukawa



“Because Sebastian can see through to the core of a play his suggestions about how to improve it are insightful and spot on.”

Dan Davies



Sebastian works with new writers, helping them develop their plays.

If you have a new play and would like to work on it, do contact him.

He can either offer a dramaturgy report or a workshop with actors.

Below are some of the plays he has worked on:


Eternity by Natsu Hirukawa

Mould by Melanie Barnes

Bring me the Head of Claudia Winkleman by Aaron Hubbard

Troll by Isabel Dixon

When Were You Happiest by Dan Davies

Starfish by Richard Fitchett