Sebastian Rex Dance Group

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"The members of Sebastian Rex Dance Group

hurl themselves at every concept with infectious force."

The Stage



“Nuanced, quirky and sporadically bizarre”

The Stage



“A testament to Rex’s highly unusual choreography is my inability to describe it, but he draws on movements as varied as the animalistic, to the balletic, through to the robotic, all of which were performed flawlessly and appeared utterly captivating.”

Running in Heels


Musical clichés receive a new re-working aiming at re-examining six verbal clichés connected to them.

Blue Elephant Theatre, 2010




Lisa Bender

Nick Bosanko

Emma Brett

Eleanor Guest

Akiyo Ishihashi

Jean Magnard

Ughetta Pratesi

Tiffany Siede



Choreographer - Lisette Foster

Lighting Designer - Clare Childs

Stage Managers - Katina Saoulli/Ina Berggren