Lyric Theatre, 2018



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But perhaps more striking than any of these accomplishments is that it is free from sentimentality. Mikey is a three-dimensional character with foibles and idiosyncrasies, and the play isn’t afraid to show that his dogged determinism to ‘make it’ may also show other, less pleasant sides to his personality…”

Female Arts


60 minutes – 3M, 2F



A bittersweet drama about love, friendship and addiction, this play takes a brutally honest look at the life of one man who wants to be independent and happens to be disabled.





MIKEY - David Grindley

LILY - Avita Jay

GARY - Tim Blackwell

SALLY - Sadie Parsons

DEAN - Paul Tonkin



Creative Team


Writer - Sebastian Rex

Director - Danielle McIlven

Movement Direction - Sebastian Rex

Costume Design - Shannon Okey

Produced by - Space Productions

Photography - Renata Strabla