Sebastian Rex

"A writer with a distinct and intriguing vision"

Jeremy Kingston of The Times

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"Never let it be said Sebastian Rex isn't a visual director, getting the best out of his designers. Despite having a fraction of the budget of a West End spectacular, he never fails to create as interesting and thought-provoking a staging as his script."

Views from the Gods

Sebastian Rex is a writer, director and choreographer based in London.

His works are published by Playdead Press.

Sebastian is often involved in freelance dramaturgy and translation work.

He runs 28 Plays Later, which has engaged over 500 writers creating over 10,000 new plays in 3 months.


Awards and Nominations:


Artistic Director:




Plays:   The Boy Dreams (Chanoch Levin), Woyzeck (Georg Buechner), Skyvers (Barry Reckord),

           Sheppy (Sommerset Maugham), After Haggerty (David Mercer), Spoonface Steinberg (Lee Hall),

           The Sea Anchor (E.A. Whitehead), Mojo (Jez Butterworth), Macbeth (William Shakespeare)


Books:  Successful Fundraising (Joan Flanagan, Shufra Publishing)


Others: MA Theses for Lesley College, Subtitling for TV and DVD (including Netflix, BBC, HBO,

            National Geographic, CNN, Paramount, NBC, etc.), Creative texts for publicity.




Artist in Residency: