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We’ve done 28 Plays in 28 days… We’ve done 29 plays in 29 days… where do we go from here? That’s right! Back to 28 plays in 28 days!


Yes, due to popular demand, 28 Plays Later is back!


Over the past two years (well, two months to be precise) 305 writers started the process, with 199 completing it. 6,794 plays were written in those months, and while some may never be read again, others have already been performed all around the world!


So… what are you waiting for? Have you committed to challenging your creativity in 2017?

We’ve got just the thing for you ... 28 Plays Later!




Well, during the month of February 2017, you will have to write one short play every day.

Plays can be good, bad, terrible, embarrassingly dreadful – the only thing that’s important is that you write them on that day.



Ahhh, I get it. How does it work?

You commit £19.28 to the project and the money will be split between all the survivors who make it 28 plays later (minus 32% administration fee, and whatever PayPal decides to charge for the transfers). But who cares about the money, right? We’re doing it for the plays!

(OK, and a little bit about the money).



Hold on… last year it cost less and admin fees were lower! What gives?

Blame inflation… blame Brexit… blame Trump… blame it on the Boogie… blame whatever you like, but we’ve had to readjust the fees slightly to make sure we can sustain the programme. This is still going to be costing more to do than it will earn, but we’re trying to figure out the optimal way of making it work, so that we can continue doing it for years to come.



But if I complete - I will definitely get back at least the money that I put in, right?

We’ve set the fees to work with the averages from the past two years. So as long as it continues on trend - yes. Basically, about a third need to falter in order for you to start making a profit - in both previous years, we exceeded that.



Naaah, sounds way too scary and challenging for me.

This is not as complicated or as hard as you may think. Plays really don’t have to be good (and let’s be honest, they’re very unlikely to be) but hopefully you might come up with a few good ideas, which you could develop at a later stage.



I don’t have time. I’m way too busy at work!

You don’t need to dedicate too much time for it, either, you could write the play on your commute to work or even in the toilet (I’m not saying I did do that, but I’m not saying I didn’t!)



I’ve never written a play before. I wouldn’t even know where to start.

This is what’s so great about this programme. You don’t need to know how to write plays - you just need to know what they look like (and even that’s not a necessity). It’s a perfect opportunity for you to challenge yourself and try something completely new without any pressure of it being good - in fact, the opposite is true.



Fine, I’m in! What are the rules?


1. To register, email Sebastian at

He will send you account details to donate £19.28 by 28th of January.


2. During February, you will receive an inspiring instruction every day at about 10pm, to help you along the way and get your creative juices flowing. You don’t have to follow the instructions, but boy is it more fun if you do! You will then have 36 hours to write and send your play in, which will be due by 10am the following-following day.


3. You will send the play to - don’t miss the deadline, or you will be disqualified.


4. At the beginning of March, the money will be divided between all those who have managed to write, and send 28 short plays on time.


Sounds like fun! how can I make it more fun?

Want to make it more fun? Encourage all your friends to do it as well. I know it sounds like a cliché, but it is genuinely more enjoyable this way.


Will anybody read my works of genius?

When we’re all done, us locals could meet in London and read some of our best submissions, whilst drinking some of our best beers. But only for those who want to share any of them.

So, that’s it! What are you waiting for? Join the challenge and let’s do some art! (or 28 short plays)



Any tips?

Thanks for asking. Yes. Here are the top ten tips as suggested by past participants:



Top Ten Tips:


1. RELAX! Don't stress about making things good. You physically don't have time to make things perfect or come up with the best, most innovative idea ever - embrace that rather than panicking about it! And if the panic gets too much... have a drink. It’s only a little bit of money!


2. Be uninhibited and explore themes and topics you would never normally contemplate. Don't be put off if the prompt looks impossible or too challenging - they are often the most productive and exciting!


3. Talk to people! There’s a community out there all in the same boat as you who can help you along the way.


4. If you have extra ideas for one day, write them down. You never know when you’ll desperately need to be inspired by your mind.


5. Do not wait for the last minute to submit!


6. Remember it's supposed to be fun, so don't get stressed. Don’t take yourself too seriously - you'll find some challenges easier than others - focus on them and just do your best with the others.


7. Never sacrifice sleep for the play. End the play you've written, even if the ending is shit, and GO TO SLEEP!


8. Start each day's writing process early - get it started, get it written, get it finished.  It doesn't have to be perfect but it does have to get done.


9. Go to sleep on the brief, as it were - the idea should come to you the next morning. Probably in the bath.


10. Don't agree to travel from Devon to Bristol on Valentine’s night carrying a suitcase full of wigs, to be in a performance at a rave that goes on until 3.30am. Then jump on a coach to London, arriving at 7am, find that all the Tubes are cancelled, walk for 2 hours to The Pleasance Islington, sit outside the venue for an hour waiting for it to open, spend the day in rehearsals and then finally perform a sketch exploring what Shakespearian characters would be like on Grindr. To get the coach straight back to Devon, wait for a train for 2 hours, arrive home at 6.30am and THEN have to write a short play. Please, I can't stress this enough: DON'T DO IT!





P.S – a huge thank you to our friends in Chicago for allowing us to borrow their idea (I say borrow… I mean steal!)